The Advantages of Having an Online Modeling Portfolio

John Doe August 10, 2017

The Advantages of Having an Online Modeling Portfolio

What is it about portfolio websites that make them so essential to a model's career?

Brings increased visibility and a wider reach. Compared to a printed portfolio or even a digital folio, a website can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It's easy to share, look up, and pass to managers, talent agencies, and casters.

Customizable and easy to update. Unlike a printed or PDF book, a website can be updated and customized in literally just a few clicks. The minute you score the photos from your latest project, you can instantly upload them to your website and cross-post to your social media!

Professional. While social media does widen your reach and is easy to update and customize as well, the website still reigns supreme in terms of professionalism. Think of your website as your virtual office. You can organize your projects in order of relevance, provide an in-depth look into your story, skills, and achievements, and make connections with collaborators—all in one place. 

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