Modelling Agencies London UK / The role of a model agency

John Doe August 10, 2017

Modelling Agencies London UK / The role of a model agency

The best way for a new model to start out in the industry is by joining a model agency. Model agencies will act as your agent and will promote you and find you work. A good agency will also advise and train you and handle payment from clients for paid work that you carry out through them.

So, you want to be a model?

Having a pretty face doesn’t necessarily mean you have what it takes to make it as a model. There are so many more factors involved in being a successful model. The first is being realistic about what type of modelling you will suit. For example a client looking to book a model for a catwalk show will be looking for someone totally different to a client booking a model for a catalogue. There is no right or wrong look it is about deciding what category of modelling your face and body would suit.

Just as fashion trends change so do trends for models. The great thing about this means that model agencies are always looking for something different so don’t be disheartened if your look is not similar to the girls you currently see in fashion magazines.

The dos and don’ts of modelling

We’ve compiled a list of helpful advice to follow when choosing an agency. This list is not exhaustive so please also use common sense before you approach any agency. There are hundreds of unprofessional and fraudulent companies trying to take advantage of aspiring models so we hope this information will guide you in selecting the right agency for you.

DON’T sign with the first agency that you find. There are a hundreds of reputable agencies so do plenty of research and only sign with an agency that you feel comfortable with. We also recommend that you do not visit any agency alone. Take a friend or family member along with you for support and safety.

DO try to be as natural as possible. Some aspiring models wrongly assume that they need to look their best and therefore wear their trendiest outfit and heavy makeup. Model agencies needs to see what you look like naturally. When you are invited to visit an agency wear little or no makeup (at most clear mascara and lipgloss). Wear an outfit that will show off your figure – a vest or fitted t-shirt teamed with skinny jeans or leggings is ideal.

DON’T expect the bookings to roll in immediately. As a new face with an agency it will take time for the agency to promote you and build up your portfolio. Be patient and don’t be put off if there are several months in between job bookings at the start.

DO read through all the terms and conditions before you sign with an agency. The terms make look long but it is better to take your time and read through everything carefully making you sure you understand and are happy before signing on the dotted line.

DON’T be scared to ask questions. Ask to see examples of the agency’s work and the clients that they work with. Your agency is effectively working on your behalf so don’t be scared to ask them how much of a percentage they take of the client’s payment. This percentage varies from agency to agency so it is always good to ask this before you sign.

DO your research. Before visiting an agency try and do as much research beforehand to find out what sort of reputation they have. Remember they will be representing you so make sure that they have the resources and reputation to find you work.

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