How to Find a Reputable Modeling Agent

John Doe August 10, 2017

How to Find a Reputable Modeling Agent

Finding a reputable modeling agency can be daunting especially if you're new to the industry. When searching for a reputable modeling agent, make sure you do thorough research.

You can look at local modeling agencies in your city and reviewing their website. In addition to boutique agencies, there are also large international modeling agencies that have offices in many cities. Head over to their website and social media platforms. Take a look to see the type of models they've signed and the work they've done previously. Understand the companies and partners the modeling agency has worked with to get a feel on the brands you may be able to work with. If you're looking to become a high fashion model and walk the runway in New York, you would want to see whether the modeling agency has had experience at those popular fashion events.

Finally, take a look at online reviews for the agency or reach out to your network in the modeling industry to find reputable agencies they are currently working with. Remember, find an agency that matches your needs and requirements. Once you've chosen the right agency, submit your modeling portfolio to them, and prepare for your audition.

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