A photoshoot will either be in a studio or ‘on location’ which essentially can be anywhere.

John Doe August 10, 2017


A photoshoot will either be in a studio or ‘on location’ which essentially can be anywhere. Depending on the budget and nature of the shoot you can be on set with one other person or 20. A typical photoshoot will consist of a photographer, a hair/makeup artist and sometimes a stylist.

Be punctual

As without the model there is no shoot so always aim to be prompt. In this business time is money so even if you are 10 minutes late you can delay the whole shoot causing it to overrun. Be aware that you may lose out on future bookings if you are late.

Be prepared

Always check with the booker or casting director if you need to bring anything with you to the shoot. Some stylists request that you bring nude underwear. Another may require you to bring specific footwear etc. So check beforehand so that you are not caught out. If possible arrive for the shoot makeup free – this will save the makeup artist time. There is a lot of waiting around on set so in order that you don’t get bored and lose focus bring a good book or an mp3 player along with you to pass the time constructively. Above all remain open minded and professional – sometimes the clothing you have to wear may not be to your taste and often you will have to spend long periods of time in hair and makeup – take these things in your stride and be pleasant so that clients and creative teams rebook you.

Top Tip  – Public transport and traffic can be a nightmare at the best of times. Always aim to get to the shoot at least 15 minutes early to account for possible last minute delays to your journey.

Be briefed

Find out what the photographer and client is trying to achieve with the final images. This will help you to get into character and produce some great shots. You’ll find that the shoot will flow much better and you may need little direction if you know what is to be achieved.

Be humble

Even the top models need a little direction from time to time so don’t be offended if the photographer gives you direction. Try to stay calm and listen. The bright lights and attention on you can be very daunting but if you relax, listen and enjoy the shoot then you will produce some great images. If there is a particular song that you know relaxes you ask the photographer to play it. Don’t be afraid to try and build a rapport with the photographer. Pretend they are a close friend. If you do feel overwhelmed at any time – take a few deep breaths and try and relax. Remember the whole team is working together to produce some stunning images so if you are not sure of what is need from you – ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you don’t understand a technical term.

Top Tip #8 – Remember to always remain professional throughout. No matter how well you are getting on with the rest of the team remember that you are at work.

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